Reprogram real|ty
Savvy brands are modernizing the customer experience and creating loyal fans for life.
Is virtual reality part
of your digital transformation?

Get used to the word “immersive.” Immersive content creation will soon become as mainstream as quantum computing during this decade. The opportunity to create storyscapes and entire worlds for experience marketing has never been greater. Let’s face it, consumers can be fickle. There are so many parties competing for scare attention in our timeline feed. How can you create content that is not only scroll-stopping, but also empathetic to the needs of your audience? Welcome to the burgeoning world of virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (XR). Mixed reality is the combination of virtual elements overlaid on the physical world, also known as augmented reality. Let’s look at how storytelling is evolving the customer experience journey across virtual space.

…There’s never been a better opportunity to create brand stories that demonstrate empathy and engender trust. Virtual Reality enables empathetic storytelling.

Virtual reality is ushering in storytelling for the next normal. The global pandemic of 2020 has accelerated the digital transformation for every sector of commerce and marketing. Moreover, it is super critical that business is conducted safely to reduce the risk of exacerbating the public health  crisis. This moves virtual reality from being novel to necessary for storytelling, selling, and buying. Now clients can move into immersive worlds and explore spaces with their colleagues to answer questions without the public healthy risk. Moreover, VR accelerates business productivity since it enables marketing professionals to be in more than one place at the same time. This is an exciting time to build a digital brand that lives in the real world and thrives in virtual landscapes.

VR Marketing Benefits

  • Scalable marketing campaigns
  • Immersive storyscapes for clients
  • Training employees in mirror safe-environments
  • Create empathy for client needs during the customer journey.
  • Build digital twins for experimentation
  • Overlay the physical world with real-time insights
  • Reduce high-risk task to save lives
  • Bring the team back to the office
  • Reduce business travel and expenditures
  • Enable collaborative and creative engagement
  • Re-Imagine physical spaces
  • See immediate ROI with immersive customer experiences
How are you repositioning your brand to be more empathetic for your clients, partners, and suppliers?
Are you enabling modern experiences for your customer journey?
What scenarios would XR make safer, more productive, and reduce overhead for your business?

MADEGRANDBYCAM is the first studio to embrace augmented reality for brand storytelling and digital marketing. Our creative team has been building experiences for VR since 2017. As the technology has matured, we are in best position to accelerate your brand transformation for the next normal. At first, the coronavirus pandemic caused the world to pause. Now, it’s time to fast-forward to the next normal for your customer experience journey and brand storytelling with virtual reality. Give us a call to discuss how we can build new storyscapes for your brands and products today.