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The Next-Generation Owner Experience

The global pandemic has accelerated our transition to an experience economy. Consumers want great service in-real-life and virtual. As a result, Real Estate Digital Marketing is evolving. Savvy owners expect more from their realty advocates. Meet these expectations requires an experience-driven marketing strategy for realty portfolio.

Experience-driven marketing goes beyond basic social media posts. It incorporates engaging visual assets into every moment of truth across platforms. Experience-driven marketing is powered by  customer insights and personalization for buyers and sellers. A disciplined approach to experience-driven marketing creates owner value for today’s market while building referrals for tomorrow.

MADEGRAND•CO has unique capabilities for the modern real estate professional. Our MADEGRAND RE•ACCELERATOR (REXLR8) is a suite of digital marketing, photography, and creative assets tailored to the commercial and residential realty agent. Put simply, the REXLR8 fuels your realty business for growth in an experience-driven marketplace.

Start with magazine-quality real estate photography for your MLS listing and build 360° virtual property tours to maximize your selling time. Let’s transform your real estate brand into an experience-driven magnet.


Watch the MADEGRAND•CO REACCELERATOR preview for a glimpse of how we’re transforming real estate marketing for the modern owners.

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Innovative Marketing & Creative Development

Digital marketing requires continuous content creation, engagement, and analysis. RE•Accelerator increases your productivity by enabling high-quality, consistent marketing across all of your brand platforms. Our goal is enable you to increase your listings, referrals, and revenue at each customer moment of  truth. Let’s talk about your accelerating your business.

Immersive 360° Walkthroughs
Magazine-quality Listing
Social Content + Publishing
Bird's Eye Aerial Imagery
Street View
Street View for Google Maps
_MGX5695_HDR copy
Lead Magnets for Listing Pages
Property Showcases and Explainers
Headshots and Branding Portraits

Accelerated Agent Benefits

Creating a competitive advantage is about serving your clients better, faster, and more effectively than anyone else. Closing the sale with a great offer is a standard expectation. We strive to help you exceed the standard expectations for real estate professionals. If you want to build your referrals and be the preferred agent for buying and selling properties in your community, we got you.

Make Every Listing an Experience

Crystallize the Buyer's Vision

The AGENT ACCELERATOR Experience-Driven Marketing gives you the ability to transport buyers into your listings so that they can visualize how they will use that space today. 

Multiply Your Presence Online

Serve More Clients

Experience-Driven Marketing gives you the ability to serve more clients in their buying journey with less hand-holding. This enables you to scale your effectiveness without increasing your workload.

Create Impactful Listings

Standout from the noise

The AGENT ACCELERATOR is designed to bring clients in and keep them focused on the buying journey. Your sellers benefit by closing faster. You benefit by getting to your next listing sooner.

How We Work

Serving North Central Texas Real Estate Professionals

MADEGRAND•CO is headquartered in Dallas-Fort Worth. Our market service area includes the following counties: Tarrant, Dallas, Denton, Collin, Johnson, Ellis, Wise, Rockwall, Parker, and Kaufman.


Our Process is how we consistently deliver benchmark products for our client’s. At the heart of the process is establishing rapport for open and authentic conversations throughout each engagement with your team and ours. Our policy is that you will never be surprised by anything: revisions, deliverables, invoicing, and implementations. We’ve been there. We understand. We create remarkable experiences for you as our practice.

Our business relationships are based on frequent and clear conversations and feedback. We'll ensure that you're well-informed. Moreover, we make sure that actions are well-documented and timely.
The PRODUCTION PHASE is multifaceted: pre-production, creative production, post-production, and delivery. This is the most extensive phase.
The EXECUTION PHASE is focused on publishing your creative to your respective platforms and performing data analysis. We continually monitor and iterate to enhance your brand effectiveness.


Discover how to use  RE•ACCELERATOR for your Commercial & Residential Properties.

The Ultimate Landing Page for Listing
Showcase Your Smart Homes
Immersive 360 Tours for Property Listing


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